miK nomaD Enterprises Inc. was created by Damon and Kimberly Podolny as a creative and new way to look at media marketing.

​Damon comes to the team as an athlete that has had two very successful careers at two different highly competitive professional sports. First, Damon brings his knowledge as a professional snowboarder in the late 80's and early 90's. Damon put his name at the forefront of snowboarding by competing in a up and coming sport, a time before snowboarding tricks or boarder cross was welcomed at the Olympic Games. Damon was a fierce challenger at snowboarding, with his ability to be one of the only humans to pull off a misty flip 540. And secondly he comes with a full seasoned Motorsports athlete as a professional driver, rider and mechanic. Damon's expertise of mechanics came at an early age as well. He began working with his grandfather who comes from a mechanical engineer and aviation background originally. Damon's grandfather was one of 16 helicopter manufacturer's in the World which taught him his start to understanding what went wrong with the equipment by working on reconstruction of mechanical failures along side FAA professionals at the early age of 14.

Damon from there continued to hold on to his love of machines and dedication to top level ability sports like, sailing, skateboarding, mountain biking, arena cross, supermoto and has years of experience marketing his personal sports careers. He has worked with many developing pro athletes to perfect their programs with his experiences. He continues to broaden his skills with adding computer engineering in web design, social media, and app creation, as well as some of his latest projects and passions have included electrical engineering for public art exhibitions.

Kim comes to the team with a Film and business degree, stemming from her background in motion picture production very early on. In the beginning of her career, Kim took a small charter company based out of Marina del Rey, California, then known as "the Charter Connection" online, fulfilled a niche market for marine coordination, with Bertram McCann they started Filmboats, Kim was only 16. The Los Angeles Film scene needed additional ways to create interesting media at new locations. Kim created websites for the companies in 1990-1999, the business grew out of the needs for new locations and an new easy way to look at these industry film possibilities via the web. Kim did this all way before the markets were saturated. She continued to nurture this desire for media and photo collage and editing. And later she went on to assist videographers and editors in Los Angeles. Kim spent many years working in the extreme sports arena with former filmmaker and videographer Michael Strassman. Kim was responsible for helping him grow his business into a full stock footage media source for advertisers, reality television, funniest video, Amazon shipper, and a well known High Sierra production house. She was known for creating an online viewing site way before youtube, she developed streaming video in the late 90's with Mike's footage and together they created www.extremeclips.com

Its with many years of working in different industries and as entrepreneur's that together the Podolny's began an online parts resource for motorcycle enthusiasts. It was through this endeavor that they founded Mammoth Motorsports. Mammoth Motorsports moved away from the competitive market of online sales to the Motorsports racing Mecca by relocating to Sonoma County, just minutes from the amazing Sonoma Raceway. Mammoth Motorsports continues to thrive today, marking 2016 as 16 years in business.

Through all aspects of their business experiences and hands on development, the Podolny's are able to pass on this success to other businesses in need of marketing and development. Damon and Kim have built a large network of professionals that reach many types of industries and fulfill many resources for all kinds of business needs. Whether its startup development, management, media, branding, styling, public relations and all the marketing available in between, with miK nomaD Enterprises behind you, you'll have the ability to reach your goals with us on your team. miK nomaD knows what has worked and what is working today. We want to share it with you!

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